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I am  Founder


When I turned my forties, I have had experiences of sudden onset of allergic symptoms on my face. It caused a rash and loss of skin resilience on my face and fine lines on my forehead. I have suffered from redness and swelling everyday and it was also raw and sore when the wind blew. It was very distress when nothing made change even I went to see a doctor. I have also tried many kinds of organic and sensitive skin cosmetics, however, I was not able to satisfied with any of them. So When I turned fifty, I have started to find and study  the causes of all the symptoms and made my mind to invent my original skin-care cosmetics.


What is "Moisturize"


I have discovered the causes of skin problems, which are “dry skin” and ”irritated skin,” and I believe that many cosmetics with moisturizing effect in the market are insufficient to protect skin from the dry and the irritation. Moisturizing your skin is not enough only by containing water inside the skin cells. It needs to be maintained inside of the cells.



My special serum has made my skin soft and smooth. I have carefully selected ingredients to make my face beauty and to make me happy. My friends were very surprised that my face has dramatically changed and asked me to sell it. This is why our ”Puririn Fundamental Gel” was produced.


We produce all our products in Japan. People at any age and/or who have sensitive skins can use our products because it is additive-free (paraben, phenoxyethanol, surfactant, alcohol synthetic perfumes and flavor materials, artificial colorant, etc.). In fact, we have customers at age of three to ninety.




My loving products

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