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Happiness comes after Beauty.

Welcome to Wonder Fulbeauty.


Dear all,

Thank you for your visiting our web-site "Wonder Fulbeauty."

I had an unfavorable experience of sudden skin allergy for 10 years. I tried various cosmetics and went to hospital many times, but it didn't get recovered well. The disease conditions such as frown line, crease and fleck cause me to be very stressful. I was even hostile to taking look in a mirror at that time.

However, I managed to develop a serum which is focused on moisturizing by trial and error, while suffering from skin problems. On exposure to air, this serum enables me to recover moisturized skin which was inflamed in the past.

Others witnessed the recovery of my skin and wanted to get it, which causes the starting point of my business on Puririn fundamental gel and Toliina essential serum shower.

When you can make your skin beautiful, then your heart gets warmful. This surely makes you smile.

"To Make Everyone Beautiful and relieved."
Today I support that all the customers can smile by resuming the beauty of their skin. I will help those who suffered from skin problems spend their time on more comfortable daily lives with precious moments. I will achieve the goal: "more beautiful they are, more healthy they are."

Company Overview

Name Wonder Fulbeauty Co., Ltd
Foundation 1998, December 2nd
Location 〒543-0002
3-3-23 #904, Ueshio, Tennojiku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
Tel 06-6777-9799
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Managing Director Rino Tokuyama
Business Sales & Marketing of Cosmetics, Advisory of Lifestyle and Beauty