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Recruitment of Sales Partner

Sales Partner, Affiliated Store and Sales Staffs

Wonder Fulbeauty's Products make people who suffer from skin trouble smile.
We are recruiting Sales Distributors, Sales staffs and Sales partners to make more people smile.
Many customers love to use Puririn fundamental gel all over the world to lift up their skin by applying it.


Wonder Fulbeauty's sales partners always use its products.
Almost all the partners are aestheticians, beauticians, or professional therapists

A lot of people suffer from skin trouble even if they use many products such as organic and sensitive one.
They finally found our company's products to make themselves smile and more beautiful. And also they recommend those products.

Why Professionals Like to Use it?

This must be because the way of developing products in our company is different from that in other companies.
When we develop a new cosmetic product, we firstly set new ingredients and unique feature, depending on the target.
And then we adjust the price, package design and the balance of ingredients while, at the same time, considering revenue and profit.
Our products is originally developed by Rino Tokuyama, CEO in our company, to solve her own skin problem. At first, she did not think of them as business promotion.
We are focused on the simple containers of easy use, the fitness to sensitive skin.
In the end, we strongly believe that our products are highly distinguished from other's and now a lot of professional beauty therapists are supportive to us in the world.

Our Promise

We will sincerely give any support for you. Don't be nervous.


Feel free to ask us especially from those who are:
  • looking for reliable cosmetic goods.
  • looking for the products which you can easily test on your own.
  • planning to start new salon.
  • interested in our products.